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Youth Empowerment and contribution for all countries in the world.

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1. Onuwa Felix Investment N5000, percentage N10000

2. Howdy Mustafa Investment N20000, percentage N20000

3. Mark Williams Investment $3000, percentage $6000

4. Maria Virginia Investment N20000, percentage N40000

5. Chidi MbadiweInvestment N50,000, Percentage N100000

6. Marvel Birch Investment N100000, percentage N200000.

7. Helen mercy Investment $250000, percentage $500000

8. Muhammad Ali Investment $1000, percentage $2000

9. Allen Nicolas Investment $5000, percentage $10000

10. Linus Martin Investment $10000, percentage $20000

….Beginners Pays into this account number for starting only. 6234302812

Happy new year….

We love our youth’s.

God bless you….

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We are the best in arms given. We love our kids…

Live Long…